Hi, this is MULTIMONSTRA and its most monstrous website in the universe, that is open to you (yes!) 25 hours a day:

  • Come to the showroom to try on clothes from any collection, buy a new monster-brooch, change your usual shoes to space sandals, or just drink coffee with us and gossip about "fashion" news.
  • Bring your Monstra man to visit us for bold image experiments (have you already appreciated the men's tracksuit and jersey with jaws?).
  • Come often to the pages of our online store for new products and "delicious" discounts, and in Fb- and Insta- useful information, shares and raffle.
  • Share with us your "bomb" ideas, plans, moods, and just stay with us on one monstra-wave.

And now for serious monsters:

multimonstra - Ukrainian multi-brand, founded in 2016 by designers Maria and Nikolai Plohuta. The brand represents a creative "collaboration" of several directions:

monstra brand produces women's and men's clothing, fashion shoes, original accessories and brooches.

monstra workshop creates brooches and ornaments handmade, is engaged in decorating and finishing works for own brand and for designers all over the world.

monstra showroom sells all collections of the brand, rent and lease their products for TV projects and shows, creates stage images for celebrities and stars.

monstra decoration is engaged in the design of space, the development and installation of scenery for fashion shows, clips, TV programs, directs the design and artistic stylistics of the brand Monstra.

Monstra Brand characteristics:

  • Many details and interesting design decisions in the design of clothes and shoes.
  • Textured natural and artificial high-tech fabrics of high quality.
  • Bright neon or gentle powder colors.
  • Original eccentric prints of own production.
  • A large number of handmade embroidery and decor using original materials.
  • Involvement of masters of different levels and directions.

In monstra are always open for interesting fashion-cooperation, constantly look for Ukrainian manufacturers, factories, ateliers - professionals of their business, are glad to get acquainted and exchange experience with talented people from all over the world.. ^_^